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Hotel MANagement

The hotel industry has become remarkably diverse in recent years as travelers have become more savvy and millennials have entered the market.  The growth of boutique properties has demonstrated guests desire for a unique and personal experience when traveling.  This is the segment we have chosen to serve.

Our personal approach to your property is intended to enhance and emphasize what makes it so unique. 


From sales and marketing to operations, front of house to back of house or asset management, our teams have the experience and passion to bring your property to its fullest potential.


Our team is uniquely positioned to manage special event venues of any kind.  Whether it be a hall, conference space, rustic country setting or any other, our team has the experience and provides the support to help your venue reach its full potential. 


From new developments to helping your existing property reach its goals, we have the right team to make your venue into a market leader. Through brand specific sales and marketing strategies we insure your property will be successful.  Our experience delivering quality guest service will insure the return of guests again and again while creating value for your venue.

Centralized accounting, sales and operations support will help increase sales and control expenses, vastly improving your bottom line. 


In addition to our full service management approach, we offer dedicated consultative advisory service in each of our disciplines to ensure each owner’s asset is supported with minimal operational disruptions.

We take the same practical approach in development, operations and management of venues and boutique hotels. We work closely with ownership and management teams to understand their needs and expectations and develop executable plans to achieve optimal results.


We recognize the uniqueness of each asset in its budget and scope, and Naxon Hospitality has the ability to tailor its services to meet the client’s needs. 

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